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Pikashow APK is a form of free content-viewing software that lets us watch various movies, web series, and live TV. Download Pikashow app Now!

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Pikashow App

Pikashow APK is the best free app for watching new films and TV shows from different OTT platforms without paying for them. All Android devices may access the Pikashow app, which does not require a subscription. You may watch live cricket matches with this app as well. You can now view any TV station available in India without experiencing any buffering. After reviewing the program, we found that it is well-designed to meet the needs of anime, TV shows, movies, and cricket fans. With this software, you can download movies, TV shows that you want to watch, and videos from a variety of platforms.

Pikashow APK

On your phone, the PikaShow Android App provides you with free entertainment. With the PikaShow App, you can watch new films, TV shows, and live content in your own language. You can click the download button after scrolling down to get the most recent version of Pikashow for free.Users of the application can access a vast collection of content from many sources, including popular Indian streaming services that charge a membership.Pikashow is a popular choice among customers looking for a one-stop shop for entertainment because it gives them access to live TV stations from throughout the globe. 

Features of PikaShow APK

Live Sports Streaming on PikaShow APK

The following are a few sports categories that PikaShow offers:
Cricket: PikaShow is an essential app for ardent cricket enthusiasts, as cricket is the second most-watched sport in the world. It lets users watch HD-quality streaming of international cricket matches, so they can keep up with their favorite matchups. Additionally, you can watch the ICC World Cup 2023–2024 and the ICC ASIA Cup 2023 on your preferred PikaShow app.
WWE & ACW: The PikaShow app contains everything you need if you're a fan of WWE and ACW. The app has several channels that offer high-definition broadcasts of both brands around the clock, satisfying your need for entertaining wrestling fans.
Hockey: Although live TV stations don't often broadcast live hockey matches, PikaShow VIP subscribers can access every league or event with a single swipe.
Football: The PikaShow app is the greatest site to keep up with any football competition globally, whether you want to watch a Premier League match that is currently in progress or watch the Champions League final.
Automobile Racing: The PikaShow app is a dependable site to watch Formula 1, NASCAR, MotoGP, and other races. Through the streaming choices available on the app, you can feel the excitement of fast-paced events.

PikaShow APK Live TV

The following well-known channels are accessible on PikaShow:
Colors TV: One of the most popular Indian networks worldwide is Colors TV, which is part of the bundles offered by the Pikashow app.
STAR Plus: PikaShow guarantees the smooth delivery of STAR Plus material to its subscribers, as it is the highest-rated entertainment channel in India.
STAR Maa: The PikaShow app is a reliable source for STAR Maa fans to watch their preferred material on this channel.
Goldmines: Goldmines TV is an Indian movie channel that airs nonstop. It may be found on PikaShow's list of TV stations.
Sun TV: You may watch the entire Sun TV program, including dramas, news, and shows, on the PikaShow app.

Interface User

In addition to having an abundance of functionality, PikaShow has an easy-to-use UI. Because of its effective optimization, the software only takes up about 19 MB of storage on Android or iPhone smartphones. PikaShow's optimization keeps its functionality intact despite its diminutive size. Even for customers who are not tech-savvy, the software is nevertheless simple to use. As a matter of fact, it just takes five to ten minutes to understand PikaShow's app's entire operation, making it extremely user-friendly and independent of outside help.

Several Languages

PikaShow app strives to serve users from many regions and recognizes the value of linguistic diversity. With the Settings menu, users can effortlessly choose between numerous Indian and international languages supported by the most recent version of the PikaShow app.
PikaShow offers support for Arabic, Chinese, and French in addition to English, which is its default language in terms of international languages. The software supports several Indian languages, including Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu.

Customized Stereos

PikaShow app excels in offering a large selection of customization settings and audio options. A wide range of built-in sound systems are available through the program, and it also supports external sound players like MP3, Opus, PCM/WAVE, and Vorbis. It's easy to adjust the sound settings in PikaShow. The swipe option makes it simple to change the volume, letting you set the audio level to your preferred level. Furthermore, you can switch the audio player by utilizing the Three-dot menu option, which can be found in the upper corner of every player.

Simple to use

Many people may believe that Pikashow APK is a highly sophisticated program that will be extremely challenging to use, but this is not the case at all. The Pikashow app program's interface is simple, and it has been designed so that anyone can use it with ease.

Downloadable Choice

Users of the PikaShow app can also download content for offline viewing, which is particularly helpful for people who travel a lot or have spotty internet access. ​

Option for Subtitles

To improve user experience, PikaShow app supports the feature that allows subtitles for all movies and TV series. All you must do is turn on the subtitles. If any videos don't have any, you may download them straight from the app.​

Casting of Screens

 With the screen casting feature, you may quickly and simply connect your Android mobile device to your TV.​ 

Download Files While Offline

By downloading your favorite material to your mobile devices, you can use PikaShow offline. You can download any content by clicking the download symbol on the video player. Your favorite show will then be available on your mobile device in a matter of seconds. It will ask you about the video quality prior to downloading. The 4K videos are simple to download, but keep in mind that larger files correspond to higher quality. Make sure you have adequate space on your mobile devices before clicking the download button if you want to download high-quality videos. Every download link on this app is resumeable. The downloaded show can only be viewed via the app.

HD-quality Content Available

The Pikashow offers 4k quality as its maximum resolution. The HDR format is also available for all the excellent content. There won't be any buffering or lag with HD videos. You will rapidly finish watching the Pikashow app's content if you have a fast internet connection with excellent connections. Every performance and stream functions like butter. Additionally, you can set the playback quality to 240p. The play pack speed is solely dependent on your internet connection speed and connectivity.

View Recent Films and TV Series

Pikashow app is crammed with all the newest global TV series and films. You may view every major OTT platform movie and television series. Anytime the author of a program releases a new episode, it will be available on Pikashow in a matter of minutes.You can find the most recent updates for any show and movie instantly thanks to the Pikashow app's lightning-fast updates. Under the TV shows option, you may also find well-known TV series from different nations. A vast collection of anime films, TV series, and live sporting events are available.

Most frequent errors in PikaShow

The following are some frequently asked questions about PikaShow and their answers:

Why doesn’t PikaShow function?

Try deleting the previous version of PikaShow and downloading the most recent version from the PikaShow website if it's not working. This can assist in resolving any flaws or compatibility issues that might be the root of the issue.

Issues with PikaShow login

Make sure you are using a single Gmail account for each PikaShow premium account to resolve login problems. Login issues may arise if your credentials are shared with third parties. To prevent problems, log in using your own account.

PikaShow not connecting to the server

Try refreshing the app several times if you keep getting the "unable to connect to server" issue, particularly during sports feeds. The app can be refreshed to help establish a steady connection if the server connection is momentarily disrupted.

PikaShow app not staying connected

One possible reason for the PikaShow app not to work is a sluggish internet connection. Try restarting your modem or router after turning it off for a short while and then back on to reset your internet connection. Fixing this issue can be aided by a more reliable and rapid internet connection

Pikashow APK Benefits

  • Using the Pikashow APK does not require a premium subscription.
  • You may view more than 10,000 movies, pikashow online movie watch and web series for free on the Pikashow App.
  • Its UI is incredibly quick.
  • On Pikashow, you can watch free live cricket and IPL matches.
  • The Pikashow APK can download content.
  • This software has multiple video quality options.
  • When watching videos, the Pikashow app also offers the option of subtitles.

Cons of Pikashow APK

  • While downloading movies, TV shows, and other stuff, advertisements are displayed.
  • Movies with source-down issues.
  • Buffering Problem.         

How to download Pikashow Apk?

  • The method of downloading Pikashow Apk for Android is easy to follow and only requires a few quick steps.
  • Verify that your device is connected to a dependable internet service provider.
  • Go to Prepikashows.com using the web browser on your device. Click the download button as soon as you arrive at our website. Automatic download of the software will begin.
  • Once the download is finished, find the file, and click it to begin the installation procedure.  
  • To wrap up the setup, simply listen to the displayed guidelines.
  • You may launch the Pikashow app and begin utilizing its features as soon as the installation is finished.

How to install Pikashow Android Apk?

  • Pikashow installation is an easy and uncomplicated procedure.
  • After the download is finished, select the ‘Unknown Sources’ option in your device’s settings. You will be able to install programs from places other than the Google Play Store thanks to this.
  • Now, use your file manager to find the downloaded Pikashow Apk file, then press it to begin the installation process.
  • As the installation finishes, pay attention to the on-screen directions.
  • You can use the app to stream your preferred TV series and movies as soon as the installation is complete.

Update Pikashow APK

Every software needs updates to be made better, and the Pikashow is no exception. The developer of the app provides updates once a month, which must be updated.
  • You must first visit Google to obtain the Pikashow APK Update.
  • The next step is to look for the pikashow apk — download.
  • It is now necessary for you to get the most recent Pikashow APK from any of the websites.
  • The Pikashow APK must then be installed on your smartphone.
  • Your phone’s Pikashow APK will update because of doing this.


Is using the PikaShow apk safe?

Yes, as it doesn't save your data or share it with anyone, using it is completely safe. This is a third-party program that you can use without any problems.

How Can I Download Pikashow?

You can visit our website and download the Pikashow APK if you want to have it on your Android smartphone.

Is the APK for Pikashow secure?

You may use the Pikashow APK on your smartphone without any issues, and using it is secure.

The Pikashow APK: Is it allowed?

The Pikashow APK contains only pirated content, and as using unauthorized content is prohibited, you will be aware that the Pikashow APK is not legal.


With the help of the free entertainment software Pikashow, users can enjoy their preferred material on mobile devices. You can view your material on the same screen by connecting this to numerous Android devices that are compatible. There isn't a single program that has a well-managed entertainment catalog and superb user experience. Additionally, you have the option to download several files and view them offline. This app stands out from its competitors thanks to its exceptional quality. They keep adding to their collection so you may watch the greatest series and live sporting events—like cricket matches—on your mobile devices. Download Pikashow app and enjoy your favorite contact; we tested the gadget and found it to be fully safe and does not save any of your data.